As this is a family run business, we find the animals build a bond with their personal carer.

There is no pet we do not care for, so whether you have a fish or a farm all animals are cared for, with special discounts for quantity.

We have had many many years experience with all animals, starting from a very young child with a cat, then rabbits as I got older, then around 10 years old, started helping at my local farm which kept show horses and also sheep, so loved lambing season and helped hand rear lambs. Even as a child I loved helping muck out and feed horses, also helped look after kittens which were born in the farm barn. As a young adult then went on to have my first dog, and small animals such as Hamsters & Gerbils. My daughter then got to that age as i did and asked for a Horse, so at this stage began our journey into the world as horse owners, firstly by having horses on loan then continuing on to purchase our own.