E.E.C was established in 2003. When planning on going on holiday I could not find an affordable, trustworthy person to come to our yard to look after our horses. This is where the idea intially arose.

Upon attending an initial meeting with my first customer they mentioned their dogs would be going to kennels and cats would be going to catteries, this is when I decided to put previous experience to good use and look after all animals in their home environment as I was going to be on the property anyway, thus reducing stress and eliminating the potential of kennel cough, home sickness and other distressing situations such as cat flu and hair loss through stress.

Due to all the animals being in the same place at the same time it worked out much cheaper than sending all the animals to different places, the customer preferred this as it was less stress for both the animals and the owners as there was no running around to different locations before or after their holiday.